Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Dowds are tough

A lot of people ask us “How do you every go away when you have all these farm animals?”

The truth is we are very lucky. We live on an apple orchard that employs seasonal workers from places
like Jamaica and Mexico who over the years we have become very good friends with. We also have a
good friend who lives nearby who has helped so much on the farm in the past and now pretty much
specializes in the dogs in exchange for occasional cat sitting.

The orchard’s seasonal workers live on the farm spring through late fall and are pretty much always
around. They don’t mind coming down to our place and do chores while we are away in exchange for
some cash. But in the winter, when those folks have gone back home, it is not so easy.

When we made our annual pilgrimage to New Hampshire with the dogs for New Year’s we weren’t sure
what to do. Figuring they were fairly naïve, we asked our friends the Dowds, (a family of four, Mom:
Tricia; Dad: Chris; Young Daughters: Gabrielle & Sadie). Parents--Enthusiastic about gardening, eating
healthy and local foods. Daughters—Fanatical about animals. Of course they agreed.

The day before our departure arrived. We had just received over a foot of snow. Winds were gusting up
to 45 mph. Windchill sub zero. I’m not kidding. They attempted to reach the house (we have a ¼ mile
long driveway) for their training session. Could not make it through the drifts. Had to walk down. Were
very cold. We watched their faces carefully during training to see if they could hack it. They were cold
but not discouraged.

We and the dogs left our little farm for two nights. The Dowds are tough. They did it! And here are the
pictures to prove it—Thanks Dowds!

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