Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Bangers by Dietrich-Gehring This past Sunday my kitchen was invaded by men making sausage. They came from all walks of life: an artist; a lawyer; a retired hospital administrator; a seller of restaurant supplies; a bank president; and of course the requisite IT guy. They brought meat, sausage making equipment, recipes and beer. They also brought a lot of little girls, who the weary wives spent much time helping to dress in snow clothes and send outside-- reverse upon re-entry, then repeat. Fortunately our 15 year old son was away for the day skiing and did not have to witness little girl’s invasion of his room and the wives had plenty of beer and wine of their own to drink. We all ate split pea soup and bread and of course ate sausage—a lot of sausage. It was delicious and everyone got a bag to take home. The only thing that concerns me is that a certain plastic cheetah went missing again, but that’s another story.

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